It is in the mission of our company to develop university-industry business association with concrete examples. The joint educational agreement with TOBB University of Economics and Technology is important proof of this. In this context, the companies that are suitable for the İstanbul Consulting Group infrastructure but do not have R & D project ideas are able to find commercializable project ideas with the academic adviser pool formed at the universities.

Istanbul Consulting Group University-Industry Cooperation Model

Operational Convenience: Developing joint projects with universities and / or research institutions is very difficult due to differences in views and views between industry and such institutions. İstanbul Consulting Group carries out the whole operation on behalf of its customers under this model and provides maximum efficiency.
Correct contacts: It is the most important question for companies to find the technical advice they can easily find in the minimum time. In this regard, İstanbul Consulting Group identifies academicians who can work on the basis of agreement with various universities as soon as possible and proposes to clients.
Legal Procedures: Cooperation with institutions such as universities is costly for companies because of structures like “revolving funds”. İstanbul Consulting Group, which is a technocent-linked operation, can provide technical consultation with minimum cost. We manage all legal legislation and the contracting process.
Project Supports: İstanbul Consulting Group, which is the R & D project financing area of expertise; San-Tez, Teydeb, TTGV and alternative R & D financing funds can provide cost financing in cooperation.

Prestige and Awareness: İstanbul Consulting Group becomes a representative of universities with its corporate professionalism and expert employees. At this point, both the reputation and prestige of the companies increase. Qualified and necessary people’s participation is provided to your company.