Technological Product Investment Support Program provided by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is provided as non-refundable under the support program and the upper limits of support are determined as 2 million TL in large enterprises and 10 million TL in medium and small enterprises. Technological Product Investment Support Program, which is launched under the name Tekno-Yatırım, which aims to bring economies by commercializing R & D results, aims to provide direct grant support, credit interest and business support to the firm.

Who can apply?

Legal entities, mobile companies and large companies wanting to invest in technological products in our country can apply this program. We can list the 8 areas that are included in the scope of support firstly as follows:
Production of basic pharmaceutical products and materials, telecommunication, production of computers, electronic and optical products, computer programming, consulting and related activities, information service activities, production of aircraft and spacecraft related machinery, motion picture film, video and television production, music publishing and scientific research and development activities.

2 types of deposit support are provided.

A) Complex new investment
B) Investment for product diversification.

Support elements and limits are as follows;

Large Businesses:

Machine and equipment support.
Machine and equipment support rates:
10% for imported purchases 20% for domestic purchases
Total support upper limit is 2.000.000TL

Medium Enterprises:

Machine and equipment support and loan interest support.
Machine and equipment support ratios:
30% on imported purchases
40% in domestic purchases
Total support upper limit is 10.000.000TL

Small businesses:

Machine and equipment support, loan interest support and business support.
Machine and equipment support ratios:
40% on imported purchases
50% in domestic purchases
Total support upper limit is 10.000.000TL

The total duration of support is 36 months, with a maximum duration of 6 months, one for the time being.

The applications are taken at the dates determined by the General Directorate and announced on the Ministry’s web site.