Technology development zones and technology free zones companies operating under the scope of R & D provide big financial advantages.
Consultants need to be consulted in order to keep the companies from scratch in these regions and / or to open a new branch. We provide the following services in order to ensure that our companies we work with are able to take place in the right financial structure and work areas quickly and to be effective.

Application Preparation and Application Activities

1. Determination of the projects that are suitable for techno center (Examination of projects based on R & D support criteria, cost etc.)
2. SWOT analysis, source research, project productivity analysis
3. Establishment of the project plan, establishment of the project team, project time and resource planning
4. Creation of Techno center reference file
5. Making a techno center application
6. Application presentation and preparation for defense
7. Application evaluation and management of contract period
8. Revision of the application when necessary

R & D Consultancy Activities

1. Establishment of an R & D company
2. R & D management training and re-organization
3. Security and intellectual property rights applications

Technical Support Activities

1. Technology development zone periodical activity file technical file consultancy
2. Management of techno center processes
3. Consultation on the regulation of relevant monthly and periodical administrative and financial reports

Financial Structuring Activities

1. Target identification studies related to financial structure
2. Performing analyzes according to these targets
3. As a result of these analyzes, appropriate financial structure
4. Selection and analysis of financial and / or investment area
5. Determination of appropriate company structure and turn-key company establishment procedures
6. Establishment or revision of the general accounting system for the targets
7. Establishment or revision of the cost accounting system
8. Establishment or revision of the management accounting system
9. Company formation in technology development zones, etc. management of processes

Tax Planning and Management Activities

1. Analysis and reporting of all financial applications in terms of tax costs
2. In the light of this analysis, the identification and application of appropriate tax exemptions, exemptions and reductions
3. Tax risk analysis of the financial system, reporting the necessary precautions in the appropriate periods and managing the risks in a process
4. Tax, SSK and so on. analysis of the risks that may arise in possible examinations and suggestions for solutions
5. Tax planning and applications in terms of legislation of technology development zones
6. Tax planning and applications for Free Zone legislation