R & D projects are supported by different national and national funds at very high rates as grants and / or interest-free loans. In order for companies to benefit from these supports, it is absolutely necessary for companies to have R & D projects. İstanbul Consulting Group directly supports the development of the R & D Project by evaluating the project and company infrastructure.
The main services in this context are;
Evaluation of Projects: Project ideas are evaluated in terms of R & D content and prioritized according to technical, economic and legislative criteria.

SWOT Analysis: Strengths / weaknesses, opportunities / threats of the institution, market and projects are analyzed in order to identify and prioritize the projects. What needs to be done in order to differentiate the projects to be developed from their competitors based on institutional abilities.
Market Survey: Market analysis is conducted to measure the economic value of the project along with the R & D content.

Technology Research: Research on the current state of the technology and the possible future of the project will be conducted. Academic staff working in the relevant technology field are identified and, where possible, the opportunity to work together on projects. Thus, the university-industry cooperation bridge is established actively.

Establishment of Research Team: Contributing to the establishment of the research team that will carry out the project, resource and time planning are done to establish the infrastructure of the project.

Project Planning: The business plan of the project is created and the work packages and intermediate outputs are determined. Risk areas for the project are identified and alternative road maps are removed.

Creation of the Project Proposal Document: In parallel with all these projects, the project proposal document is prepared in accordance with the standards and the applicant is made to evaluate the project proposal.