What is R & D and Innovation Academy?
R & D and Innovation Academy; Developed for SMEs and large companies, its purpose is an educational and application center that improves companies’ innovation capability and R & D capacity. The goal of this center is to increase competitiveness, create value-added projects and create companies that are open to any innovation.

Our members enrolled at the academy go through the following stages;
Analysis: We are analyzing today’s and current situation. In this regard, we examine everything that is happening here in detail.
Training: Different training packages are created for the deficiencies identified in the analysis.
Implementation: We will take steps to make our company better with academy members.
Monitoring: Steps taken, changes made are constantly monitored by academy experts. Changes are tracked in real time.
Reporting: Nothing that can not be reported can not be measured. That is why the academy life is constantly monitored with continuous cockpit graphics and monthly reports.
Re-Analysis: All results are now assessed and training ends.


Education at the academy is continuing theoretically and practically. It is aimed at continuous flow of information and practice in the practice of the teachings at every stage.
Participants who have successfully completed the trainings are entitled to receive a certificate.

The main categories of training programs are grouped as follows:

R & D Management

Innovation Strategies
Project management
Process management