What is the R & D Investment Feasibility?

It is a study that analyzes the current situation and analyzes the technical and financial aspects of a R & D investment and helps analyze the acceptance or rejection of the investment as an idea.

Why is the R & D Investment Feasibility Required?

As a result of increased competition in the economy, firms are encouraging R & D and innovation in terms of sustainability and economic growth of their presence.In this process, it is necessary for all firms, regardless of SMEs or large scale companies, to analyze the necessary conditions and decisions appropriately in order to make optimum use of state support. This work, in the form of a roadmap prepared by our experts in the field, helps the management to make decisions.

How is the R & D investment feasibility done?

There are two main analytical studies both technically and financially.
Financial Analysis:
Within the cost-benefit-time frame, the total impact that your R & D investment will generate over the years will determine the extent to which the investment expectations can be met. It is evaluated as 5 years. Supported by laws and regulations.

Analysis of current situation
All expenditures are determined in detail and the total cost per capita is max. It is calculated as 5 years.

Determining R & D Investment Options
The alternatives that are emerging as an idea and in line with the recommendations of our team are determined by the conditions of the company.

Comparison of Existing Situation with R & D Investment Options
The gross and net profit calculation is performed by comparing the total expenditures of the investment options with the existing situation by means of the detainee special work method.

The route map is determined by taking into consideration the situation of the company in line with the table that emerges together with the financial analysis.