Providing the sustainability of R & D, design, software projects and activities which are prepared in a beautiful way and which have no fictional problems, to benefit from the incentive and support elements of the firms in the most and most effective way; In addition to the technical-engineering approach, it also requires a financial approach in terms of integrity.
As İstanbul Consulting Group, we provide services with our solution partners, which are expert in R & D and innovation finance applications, with the current legislation of the applications required by the R & D and innovation ecosystem carried out by the firms and this Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance in accordance with the rules laid down by the competent administrative authorities.
As İstanbul Consulting Group, we offer the following services in this area.

• R & D, Design and Software Applications Financial Check-Up and Risk Analysis Service

o within the scope of Law No. 5746 and legislation

o Within the scope of the Law No. 4691 and related legislation

o Within the scope of relevant tax-accounting legislation

o Project and / or R & D, design center specific

• Formation and Control of R & D Accounting System

• Certified Public Accountancy Certification and Reporting Services

o R & D and design discount certification report

o TUBİTAK -TEYDEB Sworn Financial Consultancy project expenditures evaluation and approval report

o Institutional taxation full certification report

o Other Certified Public Accountancy certification and reporting services

• Specialized Tax and Accounting Consultancy in R & D, Innovation, Design and Software Applications

• R & D and Design Centers Financial Compliance and Sustainability Audit

• Periodic Control, Monitoring and Reporting Services to be Implemented in Operation for Each Support for Implementation of Grants Used in R & D, Design and Software Activities

o R & D / design discount application

o Income tax withholding tax application

o Social security premium support

o Stamp tax exemption application

o Customs tax exemption application

o Value Added Tax exception applications

o Corporate Tax Exemption applications

• Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights, Taxation and Accounting Advisory Services Scope of Applications (Patent Box regime of Turkey Consulting Services)

o Patent and utility model acquisition and valuation services

o Tax application and structuring services in respect of industrial property rights

o Technological product investment support program implementation consultancy

• R & D Finance Legislation Follow-up and Periodical Information Service

• Financial Education and Seminar Service for R & D and Design Activities Centers